De Seminario de Antropologia
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Welcome to the Anthropology Seminar- a Wiki about Anthropology.
A seminar geared to the community : this seminar aims to bring together all of those who, being passionate about the truth, feel the need to (as Julián Marías put it) "clear things out" with the reality of things, yes, but above all with themselves.
"The need to find a "personal replica" is a distinctly anthropological undertaking, and is to be carried out "in the first person" Leonardo Polo.
Who am I?,
What am I going to do of myself?,
What is ultimately going to happen to me?,

What are the implications of my being embodied, my death, my freedom; my claim to eternity? Love and Eros, to love passionately, to fall in love ... all of them ingredients of the person, of each person, of personal living.

Unbound desire for knowledge, to be ever more, always be "furthermore"

Family, society, sayings, economics, ethics, creativity, innovation, beauty, the marvels in the worldly.

Ultimately, life as a project, as a task, life pervaded with sense; risk-taking, course-changing, life as living reality...

This site is a bugle call to all nonconformists, all those who, like us, like you, aspire to "the very best".

The English section of this wiki website was born some time ago. With your support and collaboration it will grow up quickly to put out both clear and good things.

This website allows you to make comments and set up RSS feeds (as in the Wikipedia)

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